Carlos Bocanegra has made it clear that he would like to commit his future to Rangers but he will first wait to discover which division the club will be playing in for the upcoming season.

Charles Green’s new company is unlikely to gain enough support for entry to the Scottish Premier League when the 12 top-flight clubs meet on Wednesday to vote on the issue.

It is unclear whether the newco would drop into the First Division or Third Division, and Bocanegra is eager to find out for certain before he makes a decision.

The American insists he is happy at Ibrox after arriving from St Etienne last summer, having settled in Glasgow and embraced his new surroundings.

“I want to stay at Rangers – I love that place,” Bocanegra said in the Daily Record.

“I’ve grown to enjoy the atmosphere going into training every day, the city, the culture and the lifestyle there.

“There’s a ruling coming up on whether we stay in the SPL or not and after that I will really have to do some serious thinking and speak to all the coaching staff and other players.

“Then I’ll know more and I’d like to stay if everything works out.”

Bocanegra has already had to accept that he will not fulfil his UEFA Champions League ambitions at Rangers, with a European exile in place for three years after the old club’s fall into liquidation.

“The biggest thing for me with Rangers was Champions League football because I’d never been able to play that in my career,” he said.

“That was the one competition I’d never been a part of – so the lure of playing in the Champions League was a huge attraction.

“But now that has been taken away from us, I’ve come to terms with the fact it might never happen.”


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