Brendan Rodgers has disputed former England manager Sven Goran-Eriksson’s suggestion that Steven Gerrard should leave Liverpool to win a league title.

Gerrard, the influential Reds and England skipper, has claimed winners’ medals in most of the major competitions open to the Reds but the Premier League is a glaring exception.

With the Merseysiders finishing eighth last term and the team being rebuilt by Rodgers, Eriksson has suggested that, at 32, Gerrard is running out of time to fulfil his league dream.

But Rodgers said: “I think Steven, over the years, has had a number of chances to leave here.

“He has always felt this is the club where he could still win it and he has still got a number of years left in his career.

“We understand how difficult it is going to be but I think he will still feel the dream is here. I don’t think he needs to move anywhere.

“Of course we will go through difficult moments – but his dream is to win the Barclays Premier League with Liverpool.

“I, along with everyone else and the supporters, will fight for our lives to try to make that possible.

“He is an iconic figure for this football club. His status and everything he has gained in the game has been through Liverpool Football Club.

“He has won every major honour you could possibly win at this club, but obviously there is one missing and he will want to fight for the rest of his career to win it here.

“Thankfully with Steven, he is realistic as well. He knows the reality. He is not misguided with anything.

“Sven obviously has his reasons for saying that but I have been delighted with Steven’s contributions since I have been here.

“I have seen him from the outside but from the inside working with him as a man, as a player, he is a wonderful role model for everyone here.

“Let us see if we can fight to win it ourselves and hopefully he can stay here and be a real ambassador for the club.”


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