Cristiano Ronaldo has made an “irreversible” decision to leave Real Madrid after his treatment by the Spanish Tax Authorities according to Portuguese newspaper, A Bola.

Ronaldo won his third UEFA Champions League medal as a Madrid player earlier this month, but has been the subject of a lawsuit by Spanish prosecutors where the star is accused of defrauding nearly €15m from the taxpayer.

Real did issue a statement in support of the Portuguese captain, saying that they were “absolutely convinced of his innocence” but Ronaldo has made the call to leave with Florentino Perez reportedly aware of the news.

Paris Saint-Germain have been linked with Ronaldo for a few years and according to The Independent, the French club had a number of secret meetings with Ronaldo during the 2015/16 season. However, it was suggested that the star was using PSG’s interest as leverage in his contract talks at the Bernabeu Stadium.

Manchester United are also said to be interested in bring back the winger, who spent six years at Old Trafford from 2003 to 2009. He won a Champions League medal during his time in England as well as a number of league titles and domestic competitions. Ronaldo’s other options seem to come from China as his star power would be a huge boost to the country’s footballing scene.



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